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The magic of the Christmas Markets

With Thanksgiving behind us and our bellies full of turkey and stuffing, we are headed into December- a month filled with so many festive activities and traditions. December is one of my favorite months because is it the time of year we embrace tradition, something I have always cherished. It is when I am most inspired to honor those from my family and heritage. It is also a great opportunity to explore, learn and perhaps embrace new ones. There are so many religions and cultures that celebrate throughout the world this coming month.

I love to bake my Nana's recipes, most of which come from Austria where her parents were born. I reminisce about my childhood when she and I would sit together at the piano, singing and playing Christmas carols. We drove around admiring the beautiful holiday lights in the neighborhood. Some years we would drive to New York and walk up and down Fifth Avenue, admiring the awe inspiring shop windows at Henri Bendel and Saks Fifth Avenue. This year, I look forward to inviting friends to join us for some Hanukkah games, potato latkes, and Nana's delicious brisket and kugel, which is always a crowd pleaser.

In Europe, one of the most popular traditions are the Christmas Markets which can be found in cities across the continent. These markets are the perfect place to shop for crafts, taste delicious holiday treats and listen to local music. They are so picturesque that you feel as if you stepped inside of a holiday card. This is where everyone gathers to embrace the holiday season, its spirit and traditions.

As we wrap up 2022, we wish you a season full of health, happiness, and celebration.

Alexis & Joan

Tallinn, Estonia

Some of the most beautiful in Europe can be found in

Tallinn, Estonia

Budapest, Hungary

Bruges, Belgium

Cologne, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Krakow, Poland

Bratislava, Slovakia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Zurich, Switzerland

Bucharest, Romania

Edinburgh, Scotland

Manchester, England

Bologna, Italy

Stockholm, Sweden

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