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Big Island beauty

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, we all missed that feeling of getting away. We felt trapped indoors for many months, longing for some fresh air and the reminder that nature is there to support and nurture our souls. One of the most popular destinations in the world is Hawaii, but during the pandemic it became an even more sought after destination. Not only did they have a strict Covid policy, but the island's beautiful year round climate and so many outdoor activities, made it an even more obvious choice.

The Big Island is known for its unique landscape- a mix of what one would imagine looks like the surface of the moon with its rugged rocks lining the shore... beautiful turquoise waters and a history that you can almost feel as you snorkel the reefs near Captain Cook. The black lava rock juxtaposed against bright blue waves, succulent plants and tropical flowers that are indigenous to the island, make for the most spectacular photos.

Here you can hike, swim with sea turtles, off road in 4X4s, kayak, snorkel and enjoy shaved ice and fresh poke. Head to the famous Royal Hawaiian for a sunset view and the island's signature Mai Tai. Watch Manta Rays dance in the lit waters at the historic and elegant Mauna Kea Hotel or book yourself a room at the gorgeous and newly renovated Mauna Lani. It's just what the doctor ordered and I am happy to say it is an island where you can still get that authentic Hawaiian experience.

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