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Kosove Travel  is a bi- coastal mother and daughter team sharing over sixty years of combined international travel expertise. Never missing a detail, they curate bespoke itineraries with an unparalleled personal touch, allowing clients to escape to the most extraordinary destinations around the world. Joan Kosove's remarkable passion for travel has taken her around the globe for over fifty years. Remembering and cataloguing every detail of her journey, makes Joan truly unique in the field. Her daughter, Alexis, has been along for the journey since early childhood, allowing her to hone her own unique skill and ability to read her clients' needs and conceptualize the most special trips.


Catering to a wide variety of travelers from those who wish to relax in the epitome of luxury, surround themselves in nature, or dive deep into other cultures, they are as experienced in the most exquisite destinations around the world, as they are in the most remote ones. Whether you wish to visit the Maasai tribe in Kenya, take a cooking class at the Ritz in Paris, luxuriate at an hotel in the Seychelles or sleep in a yurt in Mongolia, a trip planned by Kosove Travel means you will experience something truly magical and unforgettable.

In addition to their travel expertise, Alexis is also a graphic artist and illustrator. For clients wanting to add another personalized touch, they offer custom graphics for special occasions like a milestone birthday, anniversary or family reunion. Details such as a custom made welcome card, beautifully printed itinerary and other printed touches can make a vacation even more memorable. They don't just plan trips. They make memories.



At Kosove Travel, they believe that getting to know their clients is imperative, therefore they begin with an in-depth consultation discussing clients' interests, passions and any limitations they may have. 


After a gratis consultation and engagement to begin work, each client is sent a proposal for review based on their needs. By getting to know clients personally, scouting the finest properties and relationships with with local guides around the world, they're able to plan the ideal trip for all of their clients.

Personal experience is their primary resource, but Kosove Travel also has established relationships with the most knowledgeable tour operators who help execute  itineraries in countries where additional services are required. They have cultivated deep, personal relationships with outstanding tour operators such as: Greaves Travel for India & Sri Lanka, Journeys by Design in the U.K- one of the most distinguished operators in Africa who personally escorted Ralph Lauren and his family... Entree Destinations for Alaska/ Canada, Luxury Boutique Hotels in Spain/ Portugal and Hidden Doorways to name a few.

          Our Process


          Our Team


Joan, an official member of the prestigious Travelers' Century Club, an honor given to people who have visited at least one hundred countries and island groups, discovered her passion for travel at a very young age. She has specialized in deluxe itineraries for individuals and groups for over thirty years. "Explorer" may be a more fitting description than "traveler" when describing Joan's passion and approach. Her fastidious nature and uncanny ability to remember every nuance of her experiences, enables Joan to plan trips with great attention to detail, allowing her clients to relax, enjoy and have a worry-free vacation. After graduating from The University of Pennsylvania and traveling around Europe, Joan graduated from Bryn Mawr College and received her  Ph.D in Spanish Literature.


In addition to Joan's extensive travels throughout Europe, she has tirelessly explored the rest of the globe, including: thirty-five countries across the African continent, the Middle East, Central and South America, Siberia, Mongolia, India and Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Rim and North America. Joan is particularly interested in cultures and tribes around the world and loves traveling to remote destinations. She is equally passionate about wildlife, therefore her safaris to various parts of Africa are truly exceptional. She has not only passed down her passion for travel to her two children, but also to her three grandsons. There is nothing she values more than experiencing the wonders of the world with family and loved ones.


Alexis has been a world traveler since she was just three years old and still vividly remembers each and every one of her trips. To this day she would say that travel has been paramount in shaping her perspective on the world, her interest in design and her love for anthropology and different cultures.


Over the years, she has worked in multiple creative arenas including: film, illustration & graphics, photography and interior design. To this day, she attributes her eye for beauty, design, zest for discovery and adventure to her mom, who brought her to such extraordinary places as a young girl. She not only had the opportunity to experience extensive European travels and other well known destinations in Asia and Africa, but also unique, remote ones such as Papua New Guinea, where she met Huli tribes who taught her archery and experienced WWII wreck diving. Alexis was also amongst the first passengers on a commercial boat excursion to the Lesser Sundas of Indonesia in 1985, where she learned how tribes wove and dyed Ikat textiles.


Educated at Columbia University, where she received a B.A in Urban Studies and spent a summer in Paris, she later studied decorative and fine art at Sotheby’s Institute. Alexis’ passion for beauty and adventure along with her joie de vivre are the qualities she would say are most helpful when planning trips. She has an uncanny ability to seek out exceptional locations, accommodations,  activities and culinary experiences in any location, allowing every client to fulfill their personal needs and dream vacation. An avid writer, Alexis enjoys posting about her travels and sharing her passion for photography. Most rewarding, however is receiving letters from clients' who rave about her ability to choose the "perfect trip" for their family and friends.


"History, beauty, ... and accommodations ...perfect. ​ 

Please know what a wonderful time I had and how much I appreciate you…"

- JT from Florida

"Our trip was perfection! Thanks to you. We adored every spot and your many ideas of restaurants were followed and equally liked.

When there was a discussion as to what to do, we all said, 'Let’s go with Joan!'"

- SH from Colorado

"Thank you so much for all the work you did in order for us to have another dream trip.

We couldn’t live our dreams without you - the nicest and most knowledgeable travel agent anywhere!"

D & I from California



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Alexis Kosove Mechler

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Joan Kosove


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